Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I know that the operative word in my title is "DONATION", but shouldn't there be some sort of compensation given to the donors (deceased or alive) who donate their organs? Hospitals and insurance companies are making millions from these procedures. I know that the donor should just feel good about the fact that they saved a life. That's what every article I've read had to say about the donor. But hospitals don't reciprocate that, nor do insurance companies. They aren't holding raffles or lotteries for free procedures, hospital stays or anything related. The donor could be given a great vacation to recover in. They could be given a medical voucher for future medical attention for a year or more. They could be given a percent of cost. Now, yes, I'm aware that there are crazies out there who will just start donating just for money, but most hospitals have a very long and arduous screening process for donations of any kind. Most won't want to go through that. I just feel as if with all the money these centers, institutions, and insurance companies are making, the actual donor should be given a bit more than a thank you and a scar as a reminder of their kindness. Visit me at www.AngelaArdis.com