Thursday, June 24, 2010


When does life become so chaotic that you pass by the flowers without smelling them? You continuously put REAL friends on hold by not returning calls? You don't visit family as often as you should? What has happened in your life that makes you refuse to put on the brakes or at least your hazard lights? Visit me at


I use to journal all the time and I was so much more relaxed and mentally balanced. I keep so much crap stuck in my head that the vehicle of journaling helped me in ways one could never imagine. How many people out there faithfully journal. I have stacks of day-timers and diaries that could make a pretty interesting book one day (wink) but I began to feel as if I was cheating myself in the process. By that I mean that I felt like if all I wrote was what I did in a day, it was useless. What about the feelings of the day? How I was affected by people and elements and events of my day? How about my thoughts and analogies? Those are the elements that clog me and hinder my creative processes and then I wonder why I have "WRITER'S BLOCK". My mother purchased a journal for me for my birthday that just passed and I haven't touched it. It's beautiful and I want to utilize it and not waste it on my schedule. I have to channel my inner person regarding my thoughts and views for journaling. I miss it and like with everything else, you just have to sit down and "JUST DO IT!" Who's with me? Visit me at