Thursday, June 24, 2010


When does life become so chaotic that you pass by the flowers without smelling them? You continuously put REAL friends on hold by not returning calls? You don't visit family as often as you should? What has happened in your life that makes you refuse to put on the brakes or at least your hazard lights? Visit me at


  1. Life throws a lot at you, different obstacles and all. I can only speak on myself, there is those times where nothing doesn't really HAVE to have happen but you just want to be alone, like trying to get things together for yourself before you worry about anyone else or their situations. Heartbreak is a big one too that can make you become the person that your blogging about because I have been in that situation. What about you?

  2. Chasing the dream has hindered me. It's lack of priority or rather lack of balance. I don't believe in ignoring one for the other but finding a balance, depending on the week, can be hard.

  3. Understood, sometimes there are times when you have to do YOU to make YOUR dreams come true. I believe in ALWAYS having time for the people close to you but if their that close to you they should understand that there are points where you have to do things to better yourself and they will always be that special person(s)


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