Saturday, December 17, 2011


I haven't been on here for quite some time but I have vouched to make a larger effort to blog! LOL There has been so many new developments in my life, and in trying to keep up  with everything, I've lost sight on blogging. My bad!

The past couple of years have been trying in so many ways but I'm FINALLY at a place of peace and understanding. So often in life, things make no sense in "real time". Only after time has passed and the ability to marinate on the events that have taken place, do we actually have the opportunity to SEE what it was we were supposed to be learning and if nothing else, trying to understand.

Someone posted something so profound and only now did I understand what it meant. It said, "The only people who need closure are those who aren't ready to let go". It was as if I had an epiphany upon reading those words. I now understand that if "letting go" hadn't happened, I would have been trapped in a world that wasn't meant for me. The world that has unfolded over the past 2 years is WAY closer to the life I was destined to have. I know that with everything in me! I humbly thank the "let go" because I have fully embraced the "new", the "possibilities", the "blessings", with all the energy, passion, zest, and excitement that I knew was still inside of me. 2012 is the brightest that I've ever seen FOR ME! However, I'm also aware that no matter what obstacles, challenges, and redirects that I encountered, I never took my eyes off of my abilities and my drive to ALWAYS "do me" no matter what.

I'm excited for the future! People, live and try to find the "YOU" in the midst of chaos and confusion. No matter what is going on in your life, "YOU" can't be taken away. You are all you have and if you're not taking care of "YOU" no one else will! Love yourself from the deepest place! Never leave you for anyone and keep your eyes on YOUR prize!

Be blessed!

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