Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey you~

Hey you~

You visited me so many months ago and our affair was long, hard and uncompromising. I never loved you but fell victim to all the promises you ever whisperd to me in the dark of night. I laughed at things you showed me...believed you when you told me how much work I could get done with you by my side~ I even believed you when you expressed how relaxed I'd be after you seduced me after the lights went out.... Your caresses were soft and comforting. I was so tired, so ready for what you promised me only to realize that you tricked me. You weren't on my side, didn't care about me and my well being. Just like your sister. She promised me so many things too but wouldn't allow me to just be quiet, wouldn't be still so I could rest, talked me to death to the point where I couldn't think. Your sister exhausted me just like you! I want to rid myself of both of you forever and I will soon master how to do JUST that! So tell your sister INSOMNIA to kick rocks and you, Mr. Insomnolence, will oneday be someone I speak of in past expressions. I don't want to see you anymore...PLEASE leave me alone~ I just want to SLEEP!!!! LOL!


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