Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sometimes it takes a complete stranger to change your life...to give you an epiphany or redirect your method of thinking. Today that happened to me and all I can say is, "Thank You"! In life, my mind becomes so clustered with thoughts, ideas, conversations, dreams, realities, methods, changes, maps, blueprints, detours, stagnations, impatience, pratical thinking, others worries, others concerns, dramas, that I can't sort everything out. I am hendered in my creative process, hence finding myself standing still instead of moving in a forward motion. However, I now understand, accept and embrace the knowledge I received this morning and look VERY forward to what's to come~ Sometimes you have to look life right in the eye, smile and bow your head in the presence of lessons, learning, growth and gratitude. I bow down to that which I have no control over. I embrace change as it happens; I live in the now and I patiently look forward to the blessing the future holds for me! Life is GREAT! I have NO complaints only appreciation of where I am, how I got here and for the power to be who I TRULY AM!

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